Ves' Grand Sandbox 1.0.0

"Continental" Anno 1602 sandbox scenario. Experience Anno 1602 like never before! [Singleplayer and Multiplayer].

A whole new experience for all Anno 1602 players!

"A continuous type scenario with large swathes of land, ready to be colonized.

Trade with pirates and advanced native tribes to be ahead of your opponents!

Secure valuable resources, grow your cities efficiently, and expand as You desire."


Ves' Grand Sandbox

30 Unique islands, most of them connected - visually forming a continent.

20,000 coins at the start.

Plenty of ores (Major nodes are infinite)

One fertility type per large landmass.

Advanced Natives and Pirates.

Max Difficulty AI with extra resources at the start.

Multiplayer compatible (2, 3 and 4 players).

Made by Vesanus

Thanks to SerpensSolidus and the Annoverse Discord community for the help on the map.



Q: "There are pirates present at the start of the game. Should I fear them, or is paying them the best option?"

A: There's no need to fear them. Treat them as trade partners. They can sell you valuable tools and other commodities to help You expand, especially at the start of the game. Pirates won't start attacking your ships until You or the AI reaches citizen level. Until then, there's no need to pay them. If they do attack and You are defenseless, use the white flag mechanic."

Q: "I've noticed that Native villages are quite well-defended and expanded overall. Is there anything else to them?"

A: "Natives are excellent trade partners. They buy more and might offer other resources than in a standard scenario. You can only trade with them by using a wagon."

Q: "I can see three free-trader ships docked at the Pirate port. Do they work, or just stay there as decoration?

A: "These traders will move once a player or an AI settles an island. It's three more traders than in a usual game to help the player (and AI) expand their colonies faster. Other trade ships will still come from outside the map - They might seem to be stuck sometimes but will move after a while."

Q: "Can I settle land at the outer edge of the map?"

A: "No, that is not possible."

Q: "How well does the AI play in this type of scenario?"

A: "Surprisingly well. I've made sure AI is able to settle any island on this map. They usually advance to the Aristocrat level without any hiccups. Seems like four islands are the maximum they can settle each."

Q: "I can move my ship around the outer side of the map, is that intentional?

A: "Yes, but I would advise against going out of bounds. It was made that way so new Pirates and traders could enter the map. There's no way for me to set ship spawn points in-game, so I had to open the map to the "outside". Sadly this may also cause ships to very rarely get stuck on the northern or western side of the map. This happens because ships try to pass each other and move into negative coordinates which causes them to sometimes drive into land (for some weird reason) and get stuck. Very frustrating."

Q: "This is an unusual type of scenario, how was it made?"

A: "All thanks to Anno1602 editor, Sir Henry's insel editor, and SzenarioExplorer tool.

Q: "Any gamer tips?"

A: "If you take out pirates and capture their port town, you'll get yourself a nice gold mountain.



  • Hello, thanks for this scenario, it is fun to play. However, I am experiencing a crash to desktop in my current savegame. It happens roughly 4 seconds after loading the savegame (in f7 game speed). I am suspecting it is triggered by an in-game event since the crash happens at the exact same moment in game time everytime I load the scenario. Do you have any idea what may be causing this?

    • Hello!

      There's an edge-case bug with AI when it tries to settle a player-owned island but can't find a valid spot to settle, resulting in a crash.

      To fix the bug, load the save file and quickly cover every coast and corner of the island with a marketplace (expand your territory to the maximum), so the AI can't find a coast to settle and decides to pick a different island instead.

      It only happens with smaller islands if i recall correctly. I first discovered this bug on the far right island (the one with sugarcane and vines which leads to the outside of the map). Lemme know if it works!

    • Hi,

      I am afraid this is not the case since I'm mid-game :) My main city is about 2800 inhabitants. I have eliminated the yellow and white AI and I am in the process of eliminating blue. So AI is not trying to settle. I have verified integrity of files and reinstalled Anno 1602 History Edition but to no avail. I am trying to find out what is triggering the crash but can't really find the cause.

    • Hmm, I wonder what it could be. All crashes I've had during the making and testing of the scenario were always AI-related. Perhaps the blue AI has some left-over troops that he tries to land on your territory, but it crashes the game? Not sure.

      Each AI also aims to get up to 4 settlements maximum, they might still try to settle even late-game.

      Anyways, I would love to see some screenshots, maybe some idea will come to mind ^^

      I could also take a look at the save file.

    • Sent you a PM