Anno 1602 review from PC Games Special 1997

Anno 1602 review by PC Games Special, 1997

When I was dusting off my Anno 1602 installation folder recently in order to get the game to work, I stumbled upon a .pdf file of what seems to be an Anno 1602 review by PC Games Special. Note that this was released in November 1997, which was before the release date of the game.

The document is written in German. It does not contain a lot of ground breaking information, but it is fun to browse through nonetheless (noteworthy are some buildings that were not included in the final game, e.g. a statue of a horse and the 'Kleine Burg', a small fortress).

I do not know where I got this pdf file from; I remember downloading it from some archived internet page, but I can't seem to find it anymore :/

Have fun! :D

Source: PC Games Special, 1997


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