Against All Odds/Gegen Alle Widrigkeiten

All you have is a wrecked ship and two soldiers. Can the roar of a mouse make the lion tremble? Alles, was Sie ist ein Schiffswrack und zwei Soldaten haben. Kann das Dröhnen einer Maus den Löwen zittern machen?

Against All Odds/Gegen Alle Widrigkeiten
Upon returning from a long voyage of exploration, within sight of your home, a terrible storm drives your ship upon the rocks. After you and your crew drag yourselves wet and exhausted from the shipwreck, you find that a tyrant has overrun your kingdom and stolen your Crown Jewels and Royal Robes of State. Those who have remained loyal to you have been driven from their fertile island and are living in poverty.

However, you are pleased to note that your people have not lost hope; for they are building a small army in secret to take back their home. Alas, they lack weapons to complete the job. You hired the famous thief, Three Finger Charlie to get swords for you to equip your army. Charlie has stolen some swords, but he is trapped and is hiding. Charlie needs your help to escape so that he can deliver the weapons to you.

Use these weapons and two small ships to defeat the Tyrant and his allies and reclaim your homeland. Rebuild your empire and erect a palace to house your Crown Jewels and Royal Robes of State. Will even a cathedral grace your recaptured city?
Extra Commendation: Build your fleet to 4 ships and keep a pirate ship captive as a trophy.
Please use only small ships to defeat Blue.


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